Buyers From Out Of Town

Welcome to Ottawa. If you choose to be my Buyer, here is my pledge to you:

  • You will be sent a free relocation kit including maps, a voucher for a free gps and valuable information on Ottawa.
  • When we find a home, I will do my best to get you it at the price you want to pay (no matter what that may be) and if I don`t I will give you $500 from the commission I earn (no charge to you) *
  • If you find a home that is being sold privately, without me, there is no charge to you. (some realtors make you commit to pay them if you buy privately without a realtor but I don't)
  • I will give you a printout on any home we are considering showing how much the owner paid.
  • I will give you a printout showing what other similar homes comparable to the one we are considering sold for in the neighbourhood.
  • I will write the offer in such a way that you are protected and that you can back out if you don`t like the outcome of the home inspection or if there is an issue with financing.
  • I will attempt to find out why the seller is moving.
  • I will put my 24 years of real estate negotiating experience to work for you to help get you the best price and terms possible.
  • I will explain the buying process and answer your questions.
  • I will show you as many homes as you want to visit.
  • I will make you aware of the best bank rates that I know of so that you can either go back and try to get your banker or mortgage Broker to match or better it or you can call the individual directly to secure the rate.
  • I will make you aware of new listings before they go on the public web sites.
  • if you Buy a new never lived in home from me, you might qualify for a cash back (ask me for details)
  • if you are selling a home as well a Buying one, I will give you a substantial discount on the commission to sell your present home.
  • If you buy a home through me that is listed on mls, there is no charge to you.