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To find out the answers to these three questions, read on below.

Q1. What is my home worth today in an as is condition?
Q2. What can a I do to get more money for my home and so that it sells faster?
Q3. How do I choose the right realtor that will have my best interest at heart to sell my home quickly for top dollar?
A1. What is my home worth today in an as is condition?
The market value of a home is not determined by the realtor that will be selling it nor is it determined by the home-owner.  A buyer looking at 10 homes will look at several factors when choosing which home to buy.  The factors might include price, condition and location.  After looking at several homes, a buyer normally purchases the home that best fits his/her needs and that is priced competitively to the others for sale.  To find out what a home is worth, Michel looks at other similar sized homes in the neighbourhood that have sold.  He then analyzes them to see if they had similar features to the subject properties.  Condition, showmanship and price are three factors that greatly influence buying decisions.  If enough recent comparable homes have been sold, determining the value for your home becomes easier.  Homes that are presently for sale are also studied because the buyers coming to visit the subject property may be looking at the homes on the market now.   Michel is always happy to share his findings including the full listing information on the sold homes and the ones for sale with the home-seller so that the home-seller can arrive at his/her own conclusion.  If you want a FREE Online Estimate of Value

Michel will happily email you recent sales on your street and in your neighbourhood as well as homes for sale.
A2. What can a I do to get more for my home?
Michel has been selling homes for 25 years.  He knows what needs to be done to realize top dollar.  Sometimes spending a little money on the right things can net the seller much more money.  Michel also brings in a trusted home stager that will provide a complete report as to what is recommended.  If you sell your home with Michel, he will re-imburse you the cost of the home-stager so there is no cost to you.  
A3. Who is the best realtor that can get my home sold the fastest and for as much as possible?
You will end up with the price you want to net or Michel will drop his commission.  Now that is a commitment.  How can he be so sure of himself? A cutting edge marketing approach including colour print ads in magazines and loads of innovative technology tools plus a commitment and drive to get your home sold.