V.I.P. Sellers Program

V.I.P. Sellers benefit from the following over an above all that Michel offers
1 - Market Watch Free Service
Michel's Market Watch free service:  this service keeps you informed of what homes are selling for in your neighbourhood and on your street.  On a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, (as you prefer), you will be updated on recent activity in the market.  This will include the sale prices of homes on your street and in your neighbourhood as well as the asking price of new listings.  There is no obligation on your part whatsoever and you can have this service even if you are not planning on selling for years.  Fill in the form and get on the VIP program!
2 - Free Consultation
Michel will provide V.I.P. Sellers a free consultation giving you helpful recommendations and tips that can benefit you.  In Michel's 25 years of selling homes, he has seen homes where if the owner would have invested a little, they could have gotten a much higher sale price for their home and it could have sold much faster.  Don't let finances get in the way.  Michel has access to borrowed money at reasonable rates (possibly 0% interest) and you may qualify even if you have credit issues.
3 - Free rental furniture
Sellers can benefit from rental furniture at a discounted rate (up to 100%) so that their vacant home shows better and is sold at a higher price.  Ask Michel if he would be willing to pay for the rental as part of his services in selling your vacant home.  A vacant home can sometimes sell for thousands less than it would have if it was furnished.
4 - Option to sell within a week
V.I.P. Sellers may qualify for a Guaranteed sale of their home within a week. There are realtors and investors that would be happy to buy your home at a discounted price. If you need to sell quickly, this is an alternative, however, if you can wait it out, Michel can likely get you more money for your home, therefore, this option is not recommended in most cases. Call Michel because for his V.I.P. Sellers, he will get you a cash offer for your house within a week.  Michel will direct you to the individual that he feels will give you the most money. If their is urgency in getting cash for your home, don't hesitate and call Michel today.